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Diamond Earring Video – Selfie’s Favourite Trend

Earrings Became Generation Selfie’s Favorite Trend

“What I love is that it is so mainstream which is unusual for a jewellery trend because often things are shown on the runway and then people won’t wear it,” says Carol Woolton, British Vogue’s jewellery editor. “It’s Topshop and H&M; it’s Piaget and Chopard; it’s Céline and Marni. Literally everybody is into big statement earrings.”

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Lowest Price Diamond Necklace Set

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Factory in latest diamond jewellery design. Large collection of diamond necklace set designs have been presented in this video.


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Diamond Ring by Diamond Factory

Diamond Engagement Ring for Men

Daily Wear Diamond Ring . The first diamond ring design setting is white and rose gold diamond ring design featuring a round brilliant super ideal cut diamond on a halo pave setting with Milgrain patterns in rose gold.

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Diamond Rings For Men

We hope this video has inspired you with great ideas in designing special and unique diamond engagement rings for your loved ones. We specialize in bespoke engagement rings and we have been delighting our customers with stunning, beautiful and unique engagement rings.

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diamond rings for women

Another unique engagement ring setting or bespoke engagement ring designs that you can consider is this unique ring setting – micro pave prong head in a flower design with half of inner ring made in rose gold and the bottom part of the ring made in white gold. This truly is one of the most unique diamond engagement ring design that you can go for.

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How about custom design your engagement diamond ring to get an organic and feminine appearance? In this video, you will see how our bespoke engagement ring with a micro-pave twist diamond ring design with heart-shape tip prongs is simply stunning to the eyes. This is one of our favorite diamond ring designs as it looks really elegant & certainly makes it one of the most unique engagement diamond rings.